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July 2008 New Features
We've added some major new features. Thanks to our users' input, we are well on the way to building a great system for you to build websites together. Here's a run-down on these new features:

New "look" for page manager and folder manager
The page and folder managers display our latest design elements. You will notice that the new "look" is not everywhere yet. Gardens take time to grow and so do we! So hang in there...it is coming soon!

Quicker add page process
We reduced the number of steps it takes to add a page to a website. We did this by incorporating all the page creation functions onto one page and eliminating verification/notifications screen. Now, you have one form to fill out and can publish from the same form. You can literally have a new page up and running in seconds. View a tutorial: How to Add a Page.

Folders have display pages
When you create a new folder, a display page is created with it. This display page displays all the pages in the folder as links. It acts as a navigation tool to the folder's pages. View a tutorial: What is a Folder Display Page?

New Navigation
New simplified navigation utilizes the new folder display pages to easily build navigation for your site.

New Templates (they are pretty)
Several new, sleek templates are now available that incorporate all the new features. Check them out by clicking Create Website on your Dashboard (you will need to log in to view the new template designs).

If you have a website that was created prior to July 27, 2008, important information is waiting for you here.

LoudClick Webinar: New Features Demo
We will be conducting a webinar to demonstrate the new features on Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 1:00pm (US Central). Click here for more information and to RSVP.

Let us know if you have questions about these new features by contacting us at support@loudclick.net.